Eat. Live. Love. ~Infinite Happiness~

Eat. Live. Love. ~Infinite Happiness~

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~ Fig & Olive ~

Nobin: After coming here, this restaurants has became one of my favorites. It has a very clean and quiet ambiance that I enjoy to have for lunch. The service is phenomenal with it’s very quick pace waiters and the concerns of the waiters that you are enjoying your meal or not. This place is known for there crostini. For appetizers and dessert, we decided to go for their crostini. My favorite for the appetizer would be the the crab and cucumber crostini. I absolutely love the salmon crudo, which is a huge surprise because it is almost impossible to get me to eat raw fish or meat. The olive oil made the dish even more delectable with its fruitiness and flavorful. The main dish, Paella Del Mar, was mediocre. It was a bit bland for me, as well as the dessert, Chocolate Pot De Creme. It was a bit too much chocolate for me, however, I did enjoy the nougat placed on the side. It was not enough of it though for the entire Chocolate Pot De Creme. The dessert crostini was a nice end note for the entire meal. Sweet enough to enjoy with a crispy texture for the cookie and a creamy texture from the cream with a twist of balsamic vinegar. 

Yesbin: One word I would use to describe this place is quaint.  Although with a place like this I would expect it to be extremely loud as the seating is very close to each other but I found the place to reasonably quiet.  The thing that stands out about this place is the crostini.  We ordered a platter full of different ones they offer.  Although some pieces were better than others I wouldn’t consider any of them bad.  My pasta entree was very mediocre, very normal pesto with shrimp.  Nothing great or bad to say about.  The crostini dessert was a little dry and the chocolate desert was too fudgey.  I would definitely come back and try more crositinis as the menu offered a lot of variety. 

Taste: 9/10                          Atmosphere: 8/10 Aesthetics: 8/10                          Service: 9/10                          Overall: 8.5/10

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